Create The Retirement Of Your Dreams

Plan Now For A Comfortable, Secure Future

What does the word “retirement” mean to you? Sitting on the porch? Fishing with your grandchildren? Starting your own business, or rolling up your sleeves and getting involved with your favorite philanthropy? At G.W. Sherwold Associates, Inc., located in Lake Forest, California, we know that retirement can mean a time of boundless potential or endless financial worry, depending on how well you plan for it.

And believe us, planning for retirement is a vital component of your overall financial investment plan. Based on our experience in working with others, we can help you avoid such pitfalls as:

  • Failing to set up viable savings and investment plans as early on as you can
  • Retiring too early (this reduces the amount of Social Security payments and other benefits that you can receive)
  • Running up high-interest credit card bills
  • Buying new cars when you really don't need them
  • Living in empty nests that are much too large for your needs

To achieve the retirement that you and your spouse have always dreamed of, you need to consider a wide variety of challenges that your parents’ generation never had to deal with. For instance, with today’s medical advances and healthier lifestyles, life expectancies are becoming longer, and you need to make sure that you don’t outlive your resources.

And as more employers drop their pension plans, the burden of saving for retirement shifted to your shoulders. G.W. Sherwold Associates, Inc. can help you bring order to the chaos of retirement planning and give you the information and support you need to make informed decisions that are right for you.